Space Week

Space week in Scoil Bhríde

Space Week focuses on Science, technology, engineering and maths in relation to Space. The students of Scoil Bhríde actively took part in Space week 2020. We welcomed Juan Miro (former head of ground engineering for the European Space Agency) to our school via Zoom, to give a talk to the senior classes about the International Space Station. We also taught Space themed lessons in each class and we ran a competition to create a mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. We learned a lot about earth and the other planets within our solar system. We also learned a lot about all the different people who contribute to space exploration e.g. scientists, engineers, Astronauts.

Space Week 2022 saw the visit of the Exploration Dome visiting our school. What a treat it was being virtually launched into the Milky Way and learning about our Solar System.