Local Trails

This Autumn the pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th Class went on a local trail in Knockma Woods . Our local trail incorporated the three SESE curricular subjects of History, Geography and Science as well as Maths . Pre trail lessons and local trail booklets helped bring the learning to life along the trail and although parts of the trail can be steep to get the lungs puffing it is a great feeling when you get to the top and enjoy the view south across Galway towards the hills of Co. Clare .

During and prior to the trail pupils learnt about the local history and folklore of Knockma and Castlehackett, the features of a karst landscape and used their keen detective eyes to discern between the native deciduous tress whose fallen leaves littered the pathways with glorious autumnal colours. We also had fun estimating and calculating the diameter of mature beech tress to see if we could determine their approximate age .

Nach álainn é An Fómhar go deimhin !!

Below you will see an image carousel of the days but you would like to see our video compilation collage please click here .