School Improvement

At Scoil Bhríde we are constantly striving to 'Lead as Learners and achieve our goals together ' as outlined in our school's Mission Statement.

We had a Whole School Evaluation in 2018 from a member of the Department of Education and Skills' Inspectorate. The findings were very pleasing and testament to the huge investment by all our school community, staff, Board and parents supporting the education of our pupils. It commented on very good practices and standards of numeracy, literacy and pupil well-being to mention but a few.

The report is available to download and read here

School Improvement

At Scoil Bhríde we consistently engage in reflective practices with reference to teaching and learning in the school. We employ a varied approach to our teaching where the child's learning is at the core . As a Staff are constantly looking into new programmes and methodologies when teaching and both our mainstream and Special Education team teachers are regularly trained up in professional development courses.

We conduct regular self-evaluation of our practices and draw up School Improvement Plans in areas of numeracy and literacy and other curricular areas. Please see our School Self Evaluation Report and School Improvement plan here

IT and Digital Learning

Our school has classrooms each kitted out with Interactive Touch Screen Promethean Teaching Board. Added to this we have strived to embed technology as part of the learning process for pupils. We currently have invested in over 30 iPads bringing technology into the classroom to enhance learning experiences .

We drew up a Digital Learning Plan to enables us coordinated and collective approach to investing and embedding the use of IT at Scoil Bhríde. The Digital Learning Plan can be viewed here.


On the 27th 2020 of November the school was visited for what is known as an SPSS inspection ( Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling). The inspection focuses on the planning, preparation and practices that the school uses to prevent and mitigate the transmission of COVID 19.

The school was found to be fully compliant and the BOM, school management and staff were commended for their collective efforts as well the procedures and systems that are in place. A copy of that report can be seen here.